Why Social Media Reports Are Essential For Brands

Internet users have different objectives when they are using the internet. These objectives are crucial for all the brands so that it became a competition to lead these objectives and attract a wider audience for themselves. We can see the result of this competition in their social profiles. According to Statista, the loved brand on social media was Instagram between the second half of 2019 and the first half of 2020. The social media platform accumulated 108.7 million “love” mentions across 104.7 million posts, generating 722 billion potential impressions and over 2 billion total engagements during the measured time frame. Second-ranked Amazon only generated 27.3 million “love” mentions.

Most loved brands on social media in H2 2019 and H1 2020
Most loved brands on social media in H2 2019 and H1 2020

In addition to getting more brand love, companies want to learn what the people are talking about them on social media. It matters more and more vital it comes to planning their future goals and actions. But how can these brands assure their activities have met their objectives? To do so, they need to prepare a weekly and monthly report and analysis. While some of them handle these parts internally, some others prefer to collaborate with agencies. Whatever they choose, taking forward the business depends on defining future actions and goals based on the reports and analysis and rethinking current and past mistakes in marketing strategies.

Why should we use social media reporting tools?

1. Listening to our audience/customers

Brands that want to know their customers’ expectations and generally what is said about them on social media platforms use different reporting and measuring tools. Therefore by gathering categorized data based on dates and even listening to their customer groups and influencers, they can define their plans.

2. Improving customer service

Most brands use monitoring tools and reporting analysis to improve their customer service and gain new customers. In the competitive marketing world, it’s essential to see the reflection of the policies and actions for delivering an excellent service to customers and attracting moreover. That’s when the reports become the brands’ saviors.

3. Defining the future actions

By all these reporting and analyzing tools, brands can easily learn which posts during the week or month were the most engaging, and based on that; they can adjust their strategies like the videos which have reached more audiences or the visuals with shorter self-content texts has a stronger impression. With these gathered data, brands’ future will be affected positively.

4. Budgeting

The posts’ engagement can also help the brands decide what they want to approach and budget more. A budget without a plan and program can lead to failure in marketing strategies and a monetary loss for brands. On the other hand, it’s possible to monitor and analyze the budget paid for advertorial content. Shortly, taking the following steps with the rights actions and budgeting is the way that brands can improve themselves and predict more potential customers.

5. Comparing

In this part, we can consider two types of comparison:

  • Comparing brand’s previous months’ reports
  • Comparing with rivals

Comparing strategic methods of previous months with today’s directly affects brands’ success. In fact, by detecting the most exposure and most engaging service or post, brands can define the right goals and actions. Moreover, brands that know about their marketing strategies’ failures and successes will change their direction or keep their success.

On the other hand, brands that compare themselves with competitors’ analysis can see their weaknesses or divergences can easily self criticize and develop new strategies.

So, all the brands that want to be active on social media need a deep analysis of marketing tools to define their plans and strategies. To do so, they should social media reporting tools. For the brands that receive feedback on their actions and follow their rival’s approach with the ability of self-criticism, success is inevitable.

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